Loujee is the first Arabic educational smart toy which understands and responds in Arabic.


Meet Loujee, your child’s new best friend!

Designed to bring hours and hours of entertainment, fun and learning-through-play to children in the Middle East and Arabic speaking kids across the globe, Loujee is the first truly ‘Smart’ Arabic  toy who your kids are going to seriously adore. Filled with rich content and interactive activities, Loujee is a ‘Plush’ soft toy that comes to life with the help of an iPhone or iPad, giving your child high quality play-time.

High-Tech, High-Fun, Great Content

Kids these days love technology and they will love watching Loujee come to life when they insert his ‘brain’ (iPhone/iPad) into him and once he comes to life, he responds to their touch and actions as he talks, listens and plays. We’ve taught Loujee tons of  cool information, facts, stories and games that will help you keep your little one thoroughly entertained and happy. We’ve also taught little Loujee how to be a good influence with  good manners and morals such as honesty and generosity, which sneakily peaks through his conversations. Loujee really is the perfect play-mate for kids aged 5-9 years old.

Walking the ‘Walk’ and Talking the ‘Talk’.

Want your child to be able to play and speak in Arabic? No problem, we’ve got you covered. We have made extremely sure that Loujee really does understand and speak Arabic with your child.  With a 92% accuracy in almost all Arabic dialects,  we boast that Loujee will not only merely understand what your child says in Arabic, but bases his conversations on what your child is saying to them rather than just waiting to hear a noise and then continuing on like most talking toys these days do. Loujee will set the standard for talking toys in the Arabic language.

Amazing features

Stimulates the brain, and motivates intelligence and skills

Loujee’s content is prepared with intensive care, and designed to teach kids, challenge them, and provide them with information about animals, capitals, history, and lots more..

Connecting mobile apps with a real life character

Loujee isn’t just a toy, it is a whole character that kids will love to talk to and interact with.

Loujee the new kids’ best friend, with an amazing and fun character

Loujee has a special and fun character that laughs, gets sad, gets excited, and what is most special about him is being quick-witted.

Protects your device while playing

Since Loujee is a cut fluffy toy that incubates your device from any harm, you can relax while your kid is playing with it.

How does Loujee work?

Grab some popcorn and check out our Video for Loujee, which will explain more about how awesome Loujee is.



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